Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Bedtime Prayer Reminder card with glowing cross

I had  gotten one of these back in the 1970's when I went to a church with our neighboor Ms. Bect and her son Joey. I don't exactly remember the name of the church we went to, but I do remember seeing some old bridge we went over that overlooked a small brook. The church was very historic and huge as parts of it were made of old stones. I remember I was still angry and upset as my mom had divorced my biological father. I was attending some kind of school program there. After we attended church service up stairs, we went downstairs to their basement to sing songs, pray, and we even got a snack of juice and those sandwich cookies. I  remember that the door downstairs was huge, and heavy and made of wood with those metal pointy bar designs on the side of the door. Anyway, after one day at this school, our teacher gave us these bedtime prayer reminder cards that had an image of Jesus knocking at someone's door on the top half of the card. Then on the bottom half there was a dark blue shield that had a soft texture. And inside that shield was a special cross that glowed in the dark upon it being exposed to light.
I remember seeing this hanging on the wall in my bedroom, as I enjoyed it's pleasant glow.
One day, I guess I threw it out as it had lost it's glow. Our neighboor Ms. Becht remembered this and I had asked her about it many times. She remembered what it was and told me that she will look for it.
Then one day, when I came to her house for her garage sale, she found one and gave it to me. It was a very nice thing for her to do. I continued to hang onto it and enjoyed it's pleasant glow. Sadly, the cross had lost it's glow again, and I may have thrown it out again. I know that I sometimes get nostalgic for something long ago, and go crazy in finding it, and when I get it, I throw it out because something's wrong with it. But sometimes I regret what I had done and go crazy searching the internet for it. This time I lucked out and found a similar image of what it was, but it featured a picture of a little girl holding a sheep. The bottom of the picture reads "Bedtime Prayer Reminder" And on the bottom is a larger red heard with the same glowing cross in it. On the very bottom it says "Jesus Cares" It's very similar to what I had and it may lead to another comeback of a lost item.
The company that made it was The Borrowed Timers and it was printed and distributed by Warner Press in 1943. I had attempted to contact the company for info and hope that they have a few leftover, even if it's been out of print. But you never know.


  1. I have two of these, one read, "In all they ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths" ..that one I cannot find. I have another still though yet...I see something on Ebay?

  2. Hi again, I guess maybe you have not seen my comment. I have 3 of them, and found the one I could not find.

    1. i've tried searching on Ebay for them, but no luck. As In my blog, I got them during a yonger kid school program in the basement of the church, while the rest of the adults continued the worship. The place looked very historic, as the doors still had the round ring to open and close the door. There were alot of large stones for the walls of the basement. We went there for games, songs, education on Christ, and got cookies and juice. We got those cards at the end of the day before we left. Any chance I can buy one from you if you have extras? I tried to contact the company that made them to see if they have extras, but no luck, and they didn't reply back. e-mail me at

    2. Guess what, I finally managed to get a vintage glow in the dark prayer reminder card for $7.00 on Ebay, and it was the last one. Talk about luck.